The English Corner

This Site

 This site is here to accompany our classes and make them more fun, more useful, more complete for you guys.


 It's packed with tools we can use and ways to reach out into the world.

 Each class has its own blog, where we publish what we are doing in class: our projects, photos, experiences... There's also a grammar encyclopedia.


 Just take a look.

 Reading can be fun, and so can writing. I've been writing myself for quite some time now. So, I'll be posting some of my stories here, and also links to pages where you can find more stories to read.

 From this page, you have access to material you can use to revise. There's quite a lot of browser-playable interactive material here, but I'm also publishing all my exams and other printables.

Grammar Encyclopedia


 As I said above, there's a small but growing grammar encyclopedia in the blog, complete with loads of links for additional explanation and practice. I'm adding to it whenever I can, trying to keep up with things we do in class.




There's also a forum where registered users can ask and answer questions. The forum, just like class, lives through participation, so don't doubt and simply sign up.