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"Make It Real -Make It Count"


 Producing something real, experiencing teamwork, having an impact on the "real world" outside the classroom, getting into contact with ourselves, the people around us, and the world at large ... well, isn't that what learning is all about?
 This section of the page presents projects done in class, with links to the various project pages. As each new project gathers momentum, it's going to appear right here.

 Dead, but never forgotten: The soundtrack of our lives is provided by heroes, but even heroes will pass on one day. But the song remains the same -the sound of defiance, of love, of what it means to be alive.
 Stay tuned for the Rock Show of the Dead.


Our Team

 The Rock Show of the Dead is brought to you by students of Second of PMAR and Third Non-Bilingual at IES Santa Lucía del Trampal in Alcuéscar, Cáceres, and Onda Trampal, a project inside the RadioEdu programme of the Junta de Extremadura.