Changes to EBAU and New Tasks

Hello there, 

 As I told you, the EBAU exam is going to change. The changes are going to be one step at a time, but they are going to be quite big anyway. We don’t know exactly what the new exam is going to be like in the end, but we’re working on it.

 Last year, the commission sent around a number of models for teachers to check out and evaluate. You can see them here.

I have signed up as a member of the Commission so as to make sure I can keep you well-informed as to what’s going on. Also, I want you to help me do my job as a member of said Commission.

 So, you’ve got a new task, or rather three:

  1. Write a comparison of the four exams that have been proposed. You’ll need to rank them according to how well they are done, choose your ‘favourite’ and explain your choice. Oh, and “It’s the easiest” is not an argument: we’re talking about models, not the exams as such. Hand it in on or before November 15th.
  2. Do one of the four exams. Hand them in on or before November 29th.
  3. Do another one. Hand it in on or before December 13th. 

Thanks for your cooperation, and see you in class, 


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