A Walk on the Dark Side

 Hello again, 

 I’ve compiled a collection of stories from www.creepypasta.com and www.creepypasta.org for you. I’ll leave it in the photocopying room so you can get a hard copy at school. We still need to discuss it in the department, but the plan is for one of the stories to be obligatory reading, with a test. As for the others, you’ll be given the opportunity to do reader’s reports on them.

Follow this link to the reader.

 Creepypasta, you may be aware, is a new genre of horror stories, written by amateurs or aspiring writers who have not yet got commercial publishers to actually buy their work. In a very real sense, it’s also an emerging modern folklore -the stories are Creative Commons, so people may use characters and ideas for their own stories, copy-and-paste the stories onto their own websites (always identifying the author by their pen name and, often, notifying or asking them), as long as such use is non-commercial.

You, too, can write your own pasta and submit it to a number of sites -or your own. In fact, you may publish your stories right here, if you want to. Writing can be great fun, an unparalleled way to express yourself. It needn’t be horror stories either, or narrative at that. Go ahead -create.

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