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At IES Sta Lucía del Trampal, many teachers are starting to use Google Classroom, an educational platform that comes with the Educarex e-mail accounts and allows for an awful lot of new ways to work.

At , we can join new classes -just ask your teacher for the class code, or check your Educarex account for new messages. The picture shows you how. Parents can also join with a Gmail account.

There’s also an app for Android and iPhone -it’s for free, and really easy to use.

One of the functions Classroom brings you is doing your assignments online, handing them in online, and getting them corrected and marked online -all while you learn how to use the computer.

The platform also makes cooperating really easy: you can work on group assignments from wherever you are, whenever you can.

The presentation (in Spanish) below shows how to write and hand in an assignment using Google Classroom:

Check it out!


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