Happy Halloween!

Halloween is coming -the night of the witches. We’re organising loads of fun activities to celebrate it. Watch the shadows, remember: the monsters are real, and they’re out to get you. Better make sure you’re dressed to take them for one of their own number.

Watch the presentation to see some of the activities we’re preparing, and to find out more about Halloween. There are quite a few links in it (I hope they work) that you can follow if you want more information on some of them. Here are some of the highlights:

Our Halloween Writing Contest. Write your own horror story, set in and around Alcuéscar, and send or hand it to your English teacher on or before October 29th. There is a sample story here. Don’t worry -it doesn’t have to be anywhere as long (inspiration ran away with me), but you might find it inspiring and simply nice -or, I hope, scary- to read. I’ll be submitting it for publication in a week or so, so you’ll be given a preview. 

The Halloween Digital Design Contest is the other major highlight. Design your own Halloween poster and send it to your English teacher. The poster must be in a digital format, and at least A4, preferably in PDF or jpg -better still, send both. Open Office / Libre Office is a great tool to make posters such as these -I used it for both. You may combine digital and handmade elements. Look around for interesting fonts for your text -there are millions of them.

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