Present Simple


  • I do karate three days a week.
  • How often do you brush your teeth?
  • Luke doesn’t like tennis.
  • Planets orbit their sun, but satellites orbit their planet.
  • We play football on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Uses of the Present Simple

We use the Present Simple for the following:

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  • Routines:
    • I have a shower every day.
  • Feelings, opinions, and thoughts in the present:
    • Susie thinks that Math is difficult.
  • Likes and dislikes in the present:
    • John likes football.
  • General facts:
    • Extremadura is in Spain.
  • Possession in the present:
    • They’ve got a really nice house.
  • Timetable Future”:
    • The exam is next Wednesday.

Present Simple: Form

How to Make Sentences in Present Simple

Remember the basic sentence structure in English:

Affirmative: Subject + Verb + Rest.

Negation: Subject + Auxiliary + not + “Infinitive” + Rest.


  1. Non-Subject: (WH) + Auxiliary + Subject + “Infinitive” + Rest?
  2. Subject: WH + Verb + Rest?

Remember: the verb BE is self-sufficient: it doesn’t require DO.

BE (Primary Verb)

 In Simple time forms, the Verb doesn’t contain an auxiliary -that’s why we call them “Simple”. So, when we want to make a question or negation we need to insert an auxiliary. For this purpose, we use DO. 

DO (Primary Verb)


Exercises in First Cycle of ESO: Recap.

Download “Present Simple” from Google Drive. (You have to download and unpack the activities). Here is the live version.

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